A website developed by Energy Poverty researchers

EP-pedia is an initiative of energy poverty researchers and experts who are involved in the ENGAGER COST network (CA 16232).

The aim of EP-pedia is to provide readers - researchers as well as policy makers - with an up-to-date state of the art on various energy poverty-related topics in the world. Therefore the EP-pedia articles include information on both policymaking and research.


Specificity of EP-pedia

EP-pedia articles are written by experts on the topic. Each article has been peer-reviewed before publication.

Information on energy poverty-related policies and approaches exists in many countries, but is it often available only in national language.

Our approach is to make accessible information on national and local policies and approaches by publishing it in English language.

The articles often include three main types of information:

  • A presentation of how the topic is viewed and addressed in the policy debate of the country,
  • A summary of existing research on the topic in the country,
  • A list of relevant references which include policy documents and academic sources.


We hope you will enjoy reading the EP-pedia!


The Editors


"All forms of energy and fuel poverty – in developed and developing countries alike – are underpinned by a common condition: the inability to attain a socially and materially necessitated level of domestic energy services."
Bouzarovski, S., & Petrova, S. (2015). A global perspective on domestic energy deprivation: Overcoming the energy poverty–fuel poverty binary. Energy Research & Social Science, 10, 31-40.