Antepara Iñigo

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University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU) (Spain)
Professional background

Iñigo's research focuses on public energy poverty policies, primarily at the municipal level. He is also working on the effects of energy poverty on health.



Antepara, I., Papada, L., Gouveia, J. P., Katsoulakos, N., & Kaliampakos, D. (2020). Improving Energy Poverty Measurement in Southern European Regions through Equivalization of Modeled Energy Costs. Sustainability, 12(14), 5721.

Antepara, I., Claeyé, F., Lopez, A., Robyns, B., (2020) Collaborating with social services through energy advice: innovative case from Spain. Ways of improving through smart meters. Revista Vasca de la Economía Social (accepted article)

Garcia, P.;Orbea, C.;Sagasti, G.;Antepara, I.;Hidalgo, J.M.;Hernadez, P. (2019) “Plan Zero plana: alta eficiencia en alquiler público”, Conference Proceedings: VI Congreso EECN, pag. 25-30

And more than 10 publications on Building Materials and Materials Engineering